Ghost Divers

[S2E3] Sakigake!! Cromartie High School, eps. 14–26

3 years ago

Episode Notes

Niamh and Niamh’s Cohost discuss episodes 14 through 26 of the first season of Sakigake!! Cromartie High School.

We take a slightly more synopsis-laden approach this time to try to ground ourselves in the rapidly escalating and (d)evolving world of Cro High, bounding off of topics like Cro High’s use of manzai forms, the literalization of the punchline, the stretching and decontextualization of recurring jokes, Yamaguchi’s failure to fully understand the humor of the show in which he is a character, and our conclusion that the show is ultimately mocking us personally as a podcast that is trying to analyze it.

Niamh also thinks fae's really fuckin funny with the editing on this one.

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Content Warnings for this Discussion

Brief Discussion of Shock Violence (Regarding Adult Swim)

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